Why Us



We are very confident about the Quality of our products and can offer them for any third party inspection of customer choice. We can also do other tests as per customer requests. In order to compete at an International level, SAINI FLANGE keeps a close eye on Quality Control at every stage meticulously from material choice to product finishing and testing. In this way we can safeguard the quality and performance of the end product. We believe firmly in commitment to quality and timely deliveries as per schedule at competitive prices.


Our large team of skilled and experienced craftsman has been trained to follow stringent quality codes at every stage to ensure that best results are achieved.

Why Should You Work With Us

There's no room for doubt that you can rely on Saini Flange Pvt. Ltd. in order to seek solutions for all your engineering needs.

There's no room for doubt that you can rely on Saini Flange Pvt. Ltd. in order to seek solutions for all your engineering needs.

  • Having over 20 years of experience in this niche & we have been continuously providing customized products & unswerving services that meet your requirements.
  • Embracing high-quality machinery together with an experienced workforce & ensuring a high-quality output.
  • Our objective is to offer work environment where our employees thrive in an atmosphere of excellence & can meet their potential.
  • Striving hard to exceed industry standards of products & services to our potential customers as believing that the triumph of our customers relies on us.
  • The motto of our company is to render extremely superior products at reasonable prices and helping them to carry out their goals.
  • At SFPL it's the Quality that matters: The two fundamental things that we do take utmost care of are - Quality Assurance & Quality Control. We offer third-party inspection as per your choice. You can rely on us when it comes to “utmost quality” from material choice to product finishing & quality testing. By doing so, we take care of “quality & performance” of the end product.
  • SFPL implements Total Quality Management such as 6 Sigma & 5S methodologies in order to improve quality.


We at Saini Flange wish to produce machining components from bar stock, forging, and castings with par excellence to produce, distribute and sell high-quality products to myriad industries. Manufacture the best products, use business to inspire & execute solutions to the environmental crisis and become the No. 1 Flange manufacturer.


At Saini Flange we aspire to create THE BEST and contribute our best to Global Sustainability.


We maintain an inspection room with all our measuring instruments calibrated periodically to avoid any deviations from tolerances. In addition, our inspection room is also equipped with a digital profile projector with the data processor and CMM to inspect products. All the products are being taken care of to meet the desired standards of quality. Our Quality Control inspector makes sure that everything right from the raw materials to the finished products meets the quality & safety standard specified in the purchasing document as agreed with the customer. Samples are measured, weighed, examined and tested under strict quality parameters to deliver the best product.


Our leading products are unambiguous, highly efficient, reliable & customized flanges, fittings, and hydraulic parts. Our company has been serving in myriad industries, including Water, Oil & Gas, Mining, Nuclear Power, Automotive, Machining, Process Instrumentation, Power, Aviation, Irrigation, Biotech & Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical, Fertilizers, Ports, Steel Plants, Steam, Railway, Cement, Defense, Offshore, Ship Building, etc. In addition, providing our unparalleled services to Government & Engineering group.