Valves: Its Types & Applications In Myriad Industries

Valves are one of the popular kind of transportation across the globe including pipelines. Generally, it works on the phenomenon of controlling the flow via pipes & other passageways by opening, closing or obstructing the pipe or passageway. Mostly valves are used on pipes as well as some of other major industries including oil, gas, mining, water & sewage. Basically, valves are devices that are used to regulate gases, liquids & slurries. You may be noticed that pipelines do transport huge amounts of liquid & gas products frequently across the world. While staying effective whole the time & the pipelines need to require special parts of equipment in order to regulate the flow of the products. This is the reason that the valves are for!

History Of Valves- at a glance

To control the flow of water running out of the pipe around 4000 years ago, Chinese people arose with the concept of using cork or bamboo. With the emergence of the steamer the valves have become an essential tool in the niche of mechanical. There were only two forms of valves- Butterfly & Slide were used in order to control the flow of gas or liquid passing through them until that time. Later on, the advanced valves came into the limelight that are much more adaptable in order to work seamlessly in complicated work conditions.

Typically, the valve consists of numerous sub-parts. However they do not merely control the flow of liquid or gas & both the pressure & direction of it.

Categories of Valves

There are six major categories of valves such as:

  • 1) Control
  • 2) Dividing
  • 3) Safety
  • 4) Check
  • 5) Multipurpose
  • 6) Cutoff

Types Of Valves

These valves fall into the category of basic one. Here are a wide range of valves is available which comes with different mechanism along with diverse purposes:


This kind of valve the flow is blocked by the cone-shaped plug.


It comes with a disc which sits in the middle of the pipe as well as coupling sideways.


As the name describes it embraces a metal ball which shifts positions in order to control the flow of liquids.


This kind of valve open & close by lowering metal gates around them.


It uses a long sliding needle in order to regulate the flow of the products.


Generally, the valves are used in order to regulate the pressure in the hydraulic system.


Plug, Poppet, Globe, Pinch, etc.

Applications In Myriad Industries

The industries like oil & gas proffer the opportunities to valve & automotive flanges manufacturers to create the products which meet the operational needs especially when it comes to ball & needle valves. Well, the demand has been continuously increasing with the rise for the past years.

The leaders of oil & gas industries have a strong tie-up with manufacturers & suppliers of the needle valve. Generally, the valves are used to protect equipment whilst controlling the product flow.

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