Vacuum Flange & Its Different Types


This is an another type of flange which is used to connect each other including vacuum chambers, vacuum pumps & tubing at the end of the tube end. These are used for both scientific & industrial applications in order to allow diverse pieces of equipment to interact through a physical connection. On the other hand, they are also used for vacuum maintenance, monitoring & manipulation from outside the vacuum chamber. There are numerous flange standards exist with so many differences including ultimate pressure, size & ease of attachment.


It is widely known as the flange is one of the essential parts of connecting two pipes together throughout welding or bolts. Indeed, there are so many categories with a diverse range of characteristics. The vacuum flange is one of the peculiar ones. Normally, it embraces major types, which are introduced in the following. It must be mentioned that as three exits and it may be the same flange type which is called by diverse names by different standard organizations as well as vacuum flanges manufacturers.

At Saini Flange Pvt. Ltd. we offer a wide range of High Vacuum & Ultra High Vacuum Flanges for vacuum applications that are made of stainless steel. We are a leading supplier of an extensive range of KF/QF, ISO, CF & ASA flanges (stainless steel) that work in both advanced temperatures as well as corrosive conditions.


When it comes to QF, it is called as Quick Flange-the ISO standard quick release flange. It is known as some other names such as KF (Klein Flange) or NW- it is also known as sometimes DN. The designation of KF has been adopted by ISO & DIN.

QF or KF (Klein Flange) are manufactured with a chamfered back surface which are attached with a circular clamp as well as an elastomeric o-ring which is mounted in a metal centering ring. It comes up with a wide range of sizes that has measured by the nominal inner diameter. Resulting, there are some common model numbers are signed as DN16KF, DN25KF, DN32KF & DN40KF.


A popular flange is also called as ISO flange and it is also known as LF, LFB, MF, or sometimes just as ISO flange. This kind of flange sometimes is also similar to the previously listed one at the point where the flanges are connected by both a centering ring & elastomeric o-ring. This type of flange is divided into two categories i.e. ISO-K and ISO-F flanges.

CF FLANGE (ConFlat):

A number of vacuum flange standards are available by vacuum flanges manufacturers in India who deliver customized flanges & other products around the world. The CF Flange is abbreviated as ConFlat and originally called as CF Flange. It uses a copper gasket & knife-edge flange in order to achieve Ultra High Vacuum seal. If you are looking for one of the best manufacturers in India at Saini Flange Pvt. Ltd. you'll get steel flange, fittings & auto parts at a great price.


ANSI embraces a flange standard that is called as ASA. Moreover, these flanges are elastomeric o-ring. It can be used for both vacuum & pressure applications. The size of flanges is indicated by the tube nominal inner diameter or flange outer diameter in inches.