Industrial Applications & Attributes of Stainless Steel

A very famous & viable material - Stainless steel is an umbrella term that covers a wide variety of alloys. This is an alloy of iron consisting a minimum of Chromium 10.5% and 50% of iron at least. The film provides a higher protection if it is damaged by abrasion.

Its varying properties that make it suitable for use in a broad spectrum, plus in a wide number of several industries. Stainless is an attractive material, on the other hand, it is used for a number of applications as well. Sometimes because of its corrosion resistance, strength or its aesthetics.

Basically, everyone always comes into contact with daily in our lives. When it comes to engineering applications, it is considered as a specialized material. This is only used where it is essential. Due to the fact that this can be difficult to the machine as compared with carbon steels & aluminium.

Numerous industries are there who are in some way or other way utilize this higher application material i.e., stainless steel. Therefore, the material is used as it is in the making of valves, tubes, pipes & even various parts of machines. Whether it is industrial or home, it has surpassed many other materials because of its excellent features.

Check out the number of attributes that are associated with stainless steel to be used around the world:


At Saini Flange, one of the best stainless steel flange manufacturers, the experts will break down different yet pivotal features of the material, stainless steel:

Fire & Heat Resistance: The alloyed material like nickel & chromium can withstand high temperature & heat with ease.

Corrosion Resistance: One of the best features that are associated with stainless steel that makes it indispensable for almost most of the industries.

Aesthetic appearance: There's another pivotal feature of the material that is associated with a lot of aesthetic value that makes it feasible for usage.

Ease of Fabrication: Here's the fact that stainless steel can be welded, cut & machined. All these features make it more viable & likable in order to be utilized of all the options.

Cost-effective: In order to considerate so many numbers of characteristics, the material is one of the competitive materials among all.

Variety: A number of varieties are available with the material. It includes high & low pressure, durable & corrosion resistance, etc.


Undoubtedly, this is not a surprise that the viable material, stainless steel comes with a ton of applications, and it also has some additional usages in all the industries. It embraces amazing mechanical properties as well as physical properties that make it happen. The following are the applications of materials such as:

Oil & Gas Industry: The specific industry depends on a lot of this material – stainless steel. The highly pressurized stainless steel pipe fittings find out a number of usages in the niche of oil & gas.

Medical Application: The medical equipment, medical implants & artificial parts utilize the material because of its easy to clean & hygiene properties.

Power Generation: Another a very important example that we, alloy steel flanges exporters, the stainless steel enables it's usage with the aid of corrosion resistance stainless steel material.

Construction & Architect: It is not a house or business house that is not made by using stainless steel. It may be roofing for each one of that needs the material for best results.

We accumulate gazillions of applications by using stainless steel material, and that makes it one of the best materials to be used in various industries.