A Great Family For Different Types Of Flanges

How well do you know about the flanges?

All you need to bear in mind that the flanges come in different variety of sizes & shapes in order to suit different applications. Usually, the flange comes in the shape of the disc. It is used to connect two tubes unitedly or connect the pipe to the valve, choke or other component. In order to provide strength & support, typically, there are two flanges attached to the end of the pipe with a gasket in between. The flanges are available in gear manufacturers in India at affordable costs. In order to refresh the memory, let us dive into a great family for different types of flanges.

On this blog, ourselves as one of the reliable slip-on flanges manufacturers will go through them one by one, then you will remember how easily flanges can be identified by simply picking note of distinctive characteristics, which correlate to their applications & functions.

1. Slip-on Flanges

Saini Flange is the specialist in manufacturing flanges, pipe fittings & valves. We follow strict quality control measures by providing uncompromising standards. When the flange is welded both inside & outside, slip-on flange is slipped over the pipe in order to provide enough strength & support. These flanges are available in lower cost & one of the popular & the most common choices for our customers. The outside diameter of the pipe does not change for different schedules. The diameter of slip-on flange is slightly larger than the pipe so that it can slide over the pipe. The kind of flange is thinner than the other flanges, strong, dependable & cost-effective.

2. Threaded Flanges

It is quite similar to the slip-on flange that slides over the pipe. This is popular due to the fact that it can be attached without welding. These flanges are generally of low-cost. It is great for small pipes where welding is dangerous.

3. Lap Joint Flanges

The flange is often used to avoid problems that could arise with the alignment of bolt holes. They are commonly used in various applications where the juncture does not come in contact with gas or fluid in order to make them reusable. In addition, they are also beneficial in applications to keep down expenses when exotic metals are used.

4. Welding Neck Flange

The flanges are used for high-pressure applications in order to reduce the concentration of stress. This kind of flange has neck, which is welded to the base of the pipes. There is one of the most famous options for high-pressure systems as the tapered hub offers flexibility & strength.

5. Blind Flange

It is used to seal the end of the pipe system & prevent flow, making it easy to conduct pressure tests. The flanges are easy to work around since they allow convenient access to pipes.

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