High Quality Rock Bolts for Mining Industry in Australia and Canada

Multi-Functionality and Durable Rock Bolts for Mining

The mining industry is one of the biggest and fastest-growing sectors of the world and is a significant contributor to the global economy. Out of many countries that dominate the world of mining, two countries that are the major contributors to this industry are Australia and Canada. Australia's mining industry is worth more than $400 billion and the world's largest exporter of coal, iron ore, lead, diamonds, rutile, zinc, and zirconium. The mining industry of Canada, on the other hand, also oscillates around $100 billion, with major products being iron ore, zinc, gold, and diamonds. Rocks play a vital role in mining, and to stabilize rock excavations, rock bolts are used. Saini Flange is one of the leading rock bolts manufacturer Australia, and we bring you the best-in-class rock anchor bolts to make your mining process safer and more productive.

Rock Bolt Size Guide & Measurements

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Rock Bolt

Rock Anchor Bolts

Anchor bolts are used to connect a structural and non-structural element to the concrete. The connection is established by assembling different components such as anchor bolts, steel plates, and stiffeners. The primary application of anchor bolts is the transfer of various types of loads: shear forces and tension forces. We at Saini Flange are the staunch Australian rock bolts suppliers and offer an exhaustive variety of proprietary rock bolt designs, with epoxy or mechanical means of set establishment. We also provide fiberglass bolts that can be cut through again by consequent excavation.

LongTeng supplies 2 types of high strength rock bolts which is widely used as roof bolt in mining and tunnels.

Rock Bolt

What is Rock Bolt

Rock bolt or rock anchor is the most basic component of the roadway support in coal mines. It plays a very important role to strengthens the surrounding rock of the roadway of mines and tunnels, it makes the surrounding rock support itself, prevent displacements of rock. Now high strength rock bolt is not only used in mines, but also used in engineering technology to strengthen the main body of slopes, tunnels and dams, it is called soil nail or ground anchor in some applications. As a tensile member deep into the rock or soil, rock bolt is connected to the engineering structure at one end and into the ground layer at the other end.

Rock Bolt & Anchor Bolt Manufacturers

A rock bolt is a long anchor bolt that is utilized for stabilizing rock excavations, primarily used in rock cuts and tunnels. It transmutes the load from the weak, unstable exterior to the confined, stronger interior of the rock mass. Anchor rock bolt for mining is installed in a pattern, and its design depends on the type of excavation and rock quality designation. Rock bolts are an integral component of the New Austrian Tunneling Method, an economically and technologically advanced method that is used for rock excavation.

Durable Rock Bolts by Saini Flange

Saini Flange is the leading durable rock bolt exporters and supplies a wide range of high-quality, durability, and applicability rock bolts that can be used in anchor support in mining and tunnels. Here are a few features of the rock bolts we manufacture.

  • Produced from the best-quality deformed bar.
  • The bolts embody a rib pattern that facilitates the mixing of chemical anchors and enhances load transfer properties.
  • The rolled thread strength is equal to the column strength of the bar.
  • It Can be used with cementitious grouts as well.
  • The bolt lengths range from 600 to 3000mm.

Why choose Rock Bolts From Saini Flanges?

Saini Flanges preserve the heritage of being the most decorated steel and machinery manufacturer in India and across the globe. With significant expertise and experience in serving various industries with our high-quality flanges, CNC components, mining rock bolts, and tunnel rock bolts, rock bolt & accessories we have played a pivotal role in contributing to improved productivity and efficiency of several types of machinery such as electronics, automobiles, and mining businesses across the globe. Our rock anchor bolts are another gem of our products that is ready to improvize the mining industry in Canada and Australia.

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